A Korea Bound Traveler (South)


Less than a week after returning from Alaska, Anna started speaking about teaching English in Korea. In my mind’s eye, I imagined people sitting around make shift tables eating stale cookies and drinking day old coffee learning english, but that is not the case with Anna. She will be part of a Korean school and she will be their english language teacher.

We couldn’t be more excited and as a family we took her to the airport this morning. By tomorrow, she will be landing in Seoul, Korea.

We wish you great success Anna!!


Platform Stairs to Outdoor Spa


Some projects are more straight forward, conventional in how we solve the eventual outcome.

Not this project. It began as a concept: platform steps to an outdoor spa. When I first drew up the plans, there was a post for every step; the steps would have three boards each.

The weekend before we started building, I started not liking the idea of so many post; awakened in the night, my mind offered up a solution, attach the handrail post outside the band.


Under Contract

A moral contract is established once a client engages my service.

It becomes my undying desire to find their endpoint design.

My present project has me up early this morning going to Home Depot to purchase material so that I can build a model to work out what will be the design best suited to their purpose.

To no avail, just spent the last three hours trying to downgrade a fence I had formerly built because the client balked at the price that said fence would cost: due to its specific components. Take away a few key pieces and the fence is no longer the fence they had originally liked.

At this point, it’s not what they like: I have to like what I build. Though ultimately they have to agree that they like my choices.

There is no wisdom in giving people what they want: too much is being built by people who give people what they want; that’s why we see so many fences in various stages of disrepair and fences that lack beauty.

I said it before but I feel it is true: beauty is affordable.

But to get there is takes some work.

I have to start over and build a mock up specific to the outline of said fence though towards a budgetary mindset. Hopefully, I will land upon a design that satisfies everyone.

Back to Home Depot, I go…

Home Work Shop


My ideas usually start with sorting through different board sizes that now populate areas of my living space.  The boards left over from various projects shape what comes to hand.

It’s not enough to have an idea without seeing first hand what it will look like. And sometimes its just a matter of solving ratios, discovering what proportions fit best.

But it also involves the accidental; meaning choices made that come by chance.

Thinking I need a particular size board and not finding it but finding another size and seeing a new way of thinking about the project at hand.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

In New York City in the 1960s, there were a group of artist that play down art as object, confining their work to an idea. It’s fun to discover them now well into the first century of the 3rd millennium. They have had time to have worked long enough to leave a legacy.

On Kawara, starting from January 4, 1966 began documenting- in the language and grammatical conventions of the country in which the painting was executed- the date.

His work brings to mind another conceptual artist, Jasper Johns who is quoted at saying he picked the American flag as his object of inquiry because by not having to think about his subject matter something else may arise.

Each of Kawara’s “Date Paintings”  are hand painted with calculated precision. If he could not finish the painting on the day it was started he would destroy it.



I have yet to build the above fence design.

It has gone through successive changes with each client asking new questions that I try to solve by building a new model. I think now I have something I like by increasing the depth of the interstice node and removing the back panel that previously worked as a shadow box and added a cap.

To fully experience the fence, you have to imagine walking alongside it as your perspective shifts and the eye catches different viewpoints.

What gives meaning to the design is the fact that it is a fence and it has a purpose but at the same time it works on an aesthetic level.


The above image is the backside of the fence but it could just as well be the front side; that will be the client’s choice.


The Third Dimension

“The essential element that alone can guide either surface or mass to life is depth.”

Frank Lloyd Wright



Image result for michelangelo architecture

“Unconsciousness is the depth dimension of consciousness ” Rollo May

“Walls are now apparent more as humanized screens.  They do define and differentiate, but never confine or obliterate space.   A new sense of reality in building construction has arrived.” Frank Lloyd Wright

“Contrary to popular belief, the third   dimension is not thickness but depth. The term ‘third dimension’ is used in organic architecture to indicate the sense of depth which issues as of the thing not on it. The third dimension, depth, exists as intrinsic to the building.”  Frank Lloyd Wright

“Form can be measured, from top to bottom (height), side to side (width), and from back to front (depth). Form is also defined by light and dark. It can be defined by the presence of shadows on surfaces or faces of an object. There are two types of form, geometric (man-made) and natural (organic form). Form may be created by the combining of two or more shapes. It may be enhanced by tone, texture and color. It can be illustrated or constructed.”   Wikipedia

“The first object of a painter is to make a simple flat surface appear like a relief and some of its parts detach from the ground. This perfection of the art depends on the correct distribution of lights and shades called chiaroscuro.” Leonardo Da Vinci

“Shadow is color like light, but is less brilliant; light and shadow are nothing other than the relationship between toneS.”  Paul Cézanne