How to move a large rock?

How to establish contact with prospective clients whom desire change in their garden/home spaces? The focus should be less on the how and more on the what do I offer that sets me apart from other garden, home space consultants?

My default mode of being is creative and I’ve reached a point where that’s all I want to do.

But what does it mean to be creative? It’s not enough for me to sit and to draw a picture, there has to be an endpoint, a reason to draw the picture. For me at least that’s how I work. I have to be commissioned by some self created or an outside force that makes demands, or poses a problem.

Being creative is not limited to producing art. Ultimately, it’s a way of thinking. There is even a rational aspect of being creative that is sequential, even formulaic. Most people falter because they fear being judged, that they think they lack a creative gene.

I was basically left alone as a child and came to see that I had hidden talents that produced creative results and over the years, came to trust that If I followed a certain chain of thoughts, the results could be termed creative.

For example, I spent 6 years as a carpenter helper for one man. Early on, he recognized that even though I was not skilled in carpentry, I had what most skilled carpenters lacked, a capacity to be innovative. And standing back while others in front of me where perplexed- I would throw out some hair brain idea that would actually solve the problem.

The trick is whenever you are attempting to find creative solutions let the mind free associate without being critical. Later, there is the editing stage of being creative but from the get go when you start, allow for every idea to be acceptable, see it through. My mind works by compulsion. It without any conscious part of me wiling it, throws out ideas.

Part of my design process is delving into images after I have been commissioned. My final work is derivative of multiple garnered ideas. That would make me a curator of sorts. Which involves taste. Immanuel Kant said that beauty is not a property of any object, but an aesthetic judgement based on a subjective feeling.

Over the years, I have made art and the subject of art my primary concern. It began with reading that impressionism as a movement in painting was not limited to painting. That at the turn of century there were also writers such as Ford Madox Ford and Joseph Conrade whom wrote impressionistically . This knowledge fueled my budding aspirations to write and I took courage from the impressionist that even though if I could not render back my ideas with the finite precision of a Rembrandt, I could give my impression of said events.

Also, during this time, I read from front to back William Flemming’s Art and Ideas. He chronologically took me through the major styles as they appear in painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, and philosophy from antiquity to present.

In my family, there were not artist per sey; mainly hard working people. I’m a self-appointed artist whom is passionate about art because it gives purpose to my life; without art, life for me would be drab. As someone who loves art, that very passion wants to find expression. My main medium of choice would be design. I spatially feel in touch with space. Even something so simple as the layout in our living room where moving a rug or displacing a couch, can work wonders on how I feel.


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