Put aside the obvious, that there is often a huge divide between what is designed and what happens when the design is used and look deeper at this picture.

It indicates bi-polar view points, one believes in the grid format of ordering society; while the other takes the path of least resistance which can be summed up by the dictum: form follows function.

The design seems arbitrary at best.

But to begin to challenge such an autocratic design principle one must begin with changing the questions.

First question, how will this design principle first serve the earth? How will it incorporate rain water? How will it increase the sustainability of existing Eco systems?

Atop these questions, there arises questions that pertain to those that will walk these paths. What are their needs? What are there concerns?

Atop these questions comes another set of questionings: what are we doing here? are we housing people or are we building into their lives the possibility to awaken them to the wonder of a blade of grass?


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