Out of Step

Art has been co-opeted by the Duchampian camp; the legend of marauders set loose with the licenses to kill art.

Allowing everybody and anybody to strike a dissonant cord against established art. My first encounter with Marcel Duchamp was via reading of a paragraph that later I learned was not true. It said Marcel Duchamp came to a point where he stopped making art and elected to spend out his days playing chess.

Now there was partial truth in that paragraph: he did stopped making art that he said was meant to entertain the eye and he pursued a course of action that he termed conceptual. It became his aim to entertain the mind. That was his art: to play with our preconceive notions; to flip things over so that the underside could take precedence.

For some twenty years I had been ruled by this Duchampian sensibility, that post modern art was Duchampian and that anyone doing art was somehow related to his ideas. From Warhol to Ai Weiwei.

Wei Wei’s taken and shaping a coat hanger to evoke Duchamp’s face was ingenuous and everything he did somehow could be tied to Duchamp.

But it’s a little like the story of the given tree, the tree kept given but was the tree happy. Would Duchamp appreciate everyone just repeating his ideas?

A new Artist has moved me (new to me). His name is Robert Irwin. He comes from a similiar place as Duchamp in that he was tired of walking in circles in museum looking at art hung that left him just walking in circles. And he decided if he was going to be an artist without the limitations of being a painter. But he is different.

The world was to become his stage and he would go where was invited to do what he terms site conditioned work.

Two Running Violet V Forms

9 Spaces 9 Tree

 A Sculpture in the Form of a Garden Aspiring to be Art



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