It’s the opposite of what you may think

Beauty is affordable. It can be had for the time it takes to run a rake across a path strewn with storm debris. Or spreading pine straw.

This fact came home to me recently. A man said he wanted me to build a fence I had just design and built for another client. I told him I could design a fence specific to his needs.

No, he said: I want that fence.

I told him what that fence would cost.

I cannot afford that.

We walked across his street and looked at a neighbors fence. It look shabby and in disrepair. I asked him how long ago was it built; he said last year.

I pointed out some common design flaws and as I was speaking he said: we can build half the fence. Then at a later date  build the rest.

At that moment he enlisted me into his cause. He wanted my fence and I was going to make it happen. And this Monday I will finish the first part of his fence.

We do not have to be the creators of beauty, our apprenticeship into beauty begins first with appreciating beauty.  Art begins with curating what we find beautiful.


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