Sloping Garden Path


Having spoke with the client, and having discerned that this project was to be conditioned by the site, I was scared because I had no clear idea what would be the result.

In fact, I wanted not to return but I did and I pushed ahead.

The aim of this project was to create a path; that helped me keep things in perspective: I kept telling myself this is just a path. My creative processes always involve sorting through images and having clients pick ones they like; this client liked images of Asian style gardens.

Back at the gate’s entrance is diagonal root, I took this cue and continued that design element by using 8′ 6″ used railroad ties that took two men to carry. And the client had an excess of old bricks and pavers that I incorporated into the  natural slop of the land.

The brown river rock adds to what I would called the overall look of the project: it reminds me of a dried up river gulch.




Version 2







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