To Build a Deck


To add outdoor space the cost for labor equals what you pay for materials.

For example, if you want a deck: get the dimensions and price out what the material will cost and then double that price and you have  the cost of a built deck.


Add a bench, pergola or a privacy screen, the choices will vary with what will be the purpose of your deck.

This deck was built with 5/4 decking boards finished with a 2by8 wrap around band fastened with ceramic lag bolts.

I begin all projects with a free consultation to hear the ideas of the clients and to see their site. Thereafter, I take a few days to search for a controlling image and then present the client with a design proposal.

I work with a carpenter- Craig and together we can just about build anything. Even something so simple as a fence, we try to raise to new levels of quality. So much of what is being built, is being done with an attitude to get her done, can’t see it from my house. With just a degree more thought towards how something will look in five years can make a world of difference. For us, this is not just a deck but an investment that family has made to add value to their lives.




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