Before and After


Gardening and landscape projects are collaborations between me and the landowner.

Creating beauty, enriching soil, trimming and pruning plants, establishing space around plants, mulching to help keep moisture in the soil, and aesthetically arranging and bringing in new possibilities, reducing or expanding the garden to help reduce overall maintenance.

When I do gardening/landscape work, I begin with listening to the client’s needs.

I love putting my hands to work, removing what’s keeping their landscape from popping.

A big feature of my design work, is the concept negative space: the space in between things.

The area mulch around trees/plants is too often just a a token gesture, the new wisdom is mulching makes sense both for the plant and the final look.

I find great joy in my work with gardens and plants. When pruning I look at each branch and see what it needs. If it needs space or if it is crowding.










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