My original version of this new styled shadow box fence that allows air to circulate through out was to have the other side be the presenting side, but these clients had mention that they had liked another fence I had done, particularly the color.

Thus the need to build a model to see what that would look like. There would be six feet between post and the post would create a dominate rhythm picked up in a minor key by the rectangular slat openings.


Above is the original conception of the shadow box though this time the wood is fresh cut cypress. The presenting side has no post to break the flow. For my taste, I would prefer to build this one. Especially owing to the long stretch- 80 feet that will divide two driveways.

And the best place to get the full effect of this fence is to be looking down it edgewise wherein you loose contact with the fact that it is a fence and you become totally adsorb in the interstices, the intervening space between the pickets.




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