A New Level of Care


When I was a framer, framing houses with other carpenters, there was a constant refrain: you can’t see if from your house; it was stated every-time I was sweating an 8th of inch; they would say it’s gonna get covered, let it go.

The beauty of this new project, it’s down to 32 of an inch.

The client has made a choice above trex composite decking; they chose cumaru hardwood, sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak; also, known as Tonka Bean, and the tree is commonly cultivated for its vanilla-cinnamon scented seed.

Never have I been drawn to my work as much as this wood requires a new level of care.

Often, while working with pressure treated lumber, I will make excuses as I go owing to the variable nature of the wood, but with this hardwood, you can’t make excuses; it wont stand for it; it requires the upmost care and attention.



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