To Build A Gate


To build a gate, you begin with a frame that conforms to your gate opening. In the beginning, that idea was pretty straight forward. But over the years, what at first was a playful gesture began to become a medium for expression. Now, when I build a gate, it draws me into what is possible.


But the idea to build anything starts out with conventional notions; we have to have a starting point. My wife says I am being creative; I say we all have a creative spark, but what I do is try to work with principles like inside/outside; forward/backward; openings and mass.

My biggest influence comes from classical architecture: the post and beam set with a pediment. It seems everything I design/build has its roots however far removed from the source in Michelangelo’s architectural works. He came late to the Renaissance, by the time of his arrival, the re-birth and the reusing of ancient Greek and Roman building styles was the norm. It was not in his nature to design/build like them, he had to put his signature on it; everything he touched became Michelangeloesque. James Ackerman wrote that Michelangelo’s approach to architecture appears as a radical departure from Renaissance tradition,  that by thinking of buildings as organisms, he changed the concept of architectural design from the static one produced by a system of predetermined proportions to a dynamic one in which members would be integrated by the suggestion of muscular power.


These past few weeks, having had multiple opportunities to give expression to a gate frame is maybe more grounded in jazz music wherein they begin with classical note progressions than riff off into their on muical tangents.









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