Living Wabi Sabi


As is my habit when in between wood projects, I drove Michelangelo to school; today we stopped at Hanna Park to see the ocean, then we went to the lake where I  stopped the truck and walk out on the dock.

I was spell bound, mesmerize by the beauty of something built long ago and marveled at the thought that theses timbers were milled and that a carpenter had selected them and had built this dock.



Wabi sabi, this japanese aesthetic idea that there is beauty in decay, in imperfection, is a lenses in which one looks a life differently; whereas before being introduced to this idea, I was blind to another aspect of life.

Part of me feels a sadness at seeing this dock because I know in time it will be replaced, but that is its enduring beauty: the very fact that it is fleeting, but its beauty goes deeper, the choices that were made would be hard to replicate. Who would pay for fresh milled 2x8s and use nails?





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