Zen on a Dime (A practitioner for Hire)

No project too small.

I will for a nominal fee do your bidding by cleaning, rearranging by simply bringing order to any giving environment.

It’s a misunderstanding that you have to spend money to transform any aspect of a given thing; may it be your garage or an abandoned flower bed; what it needs is you in action attending to whats been neglected.

But these days time is money.  This is where I come in; my cue:

I take pride in making something beautiful and more often than not it’s not a matter of adding-to but of taking-away and rearrange what is.

I offer my services Zen on  a Dime when I am in-between my outdoor wood projects, such as designing and building decks, pergolas and custom fences.

I can garden, I can home organize, I can do about anything that needs an attentive eye towards making something beautiful. Call today, and I will find time between projects to bring order to what needs to be done around your home: 904-303-1548



Working from a place where you don’t know the outcome, but by an intuitive process you find where you might begin; you start eliminating, reducing your chosen area down to its particulars. I call this aspect of my work: zen on a dime; where you don’t have to spend money to bring about some semblance of beauty.




I have hundreds of such projects, those hidden gems that required no money, just time so that they could devolve their hidden beauty. Around my home, they abound; they are my way to sustain a creative flow. People think you have to spend money to make something beautiful; I believe you just have to cultivate your own sense of what is beautiful. Maybe it began for me when I read years ago that we should take one part of our yard and make it a secret garden, a place where you can call your own.








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